About Us

We're a rugged mom-and-pop online and brick and mortar book store with a mind for the community and hopefully a heart for good!

We are located in beautiful Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Our online business (Trillion Books) has been in operation for around four years.  The physical book store (Bargain Book Warehouse) is going on two now.  And we're just as proud as can be of them both!  ;-)

We are a green shop and unsellable books are donated to charity or recycled, they never hit a landfill!

And while this is the About Us section, we want to stop and thank you for supporting mom-and-pop type business.

We really believe that smaller local businesses contain much of the flavor, soul, and character of our culture and society.
Without your support we couldn't live our dream! 

Thank you!

Curtis Fresh

(You might be wondering who this guy is.  Please meet Curtis. Our one-man marketing and exotic dancing department.)